Yellow Lampshades


    Choose a yellow lampshade to bring a pop of colour into your interiors.

    Yellow symbolises energy and happiness. It can be used as the main colour of your décor, or it can be introduced as an accent.  

    Our gorgeous yellow lamp shades are the perfect way to uplift a décor scheme. For this reason we offer a wide range of patterns to suit different styles, perfect for contemporary homes as well as more traditional homes. You will find mustard yellow lamp shades, velvet yellow lampshades and yellow patterned light shades.

    In addition to the choice of colours and patterns, we offer various fittings to sui all your practical needs. We hand make to order yellow lampshades for table lamps, for floor lamps and ceiling pendant lamp shades. There is also the option to order a harp fitting lamp shade for lamp bases that have a harp.

    If you feel colour is calling you, it's time to order a beautiful yellow lampshade.

    Luxury Lampshades

    For the ultimate home décor luxury experience, match your favourite luxury cushions with lampshades from our Luxury Collection.