Purple Lampshades


    Enjoy the beauty of our purple lampshades and make your home a space that looks and feels special.

    As opposed to mass produced items, each purple lamp shade is individually handmade to order in the UK by our team at Adoro Décor. We follow the strictest lighting industry standards to ensure your handmade lamp shade has the highest quality and is made to last. In addition to that, we pay high attention to the quality of the fabrics and the packaging used to deliver your precious light shades.

    There are plenty of choices in terms of colours and patterns. We offer three metallic linings (purple and gold lampshades, purple and copper lamp shades, purple and silver light shades). We also make statement lampshades with patterned linings in various styles, for example purple tropical lampshades. We are sure you will find the perfect purple light shade for your room. However, if you need help for a custom lampshade, please feel free to contact us here.

    Luxury Lampshades

    For the ultimate home décor luxury experience, match your favourite luxury cushions with lampshades from our Luxury Collection.