Animal Print Lampshades


    Animal prints have been used in interior design for a very long time, but they are always contemporary and suitable for modern homes.

    Introducing an animal print lampshade into your home decor project, will add a contrasting statement on a neutral background, or beautifully complement a more traditional interior style.

    A leopard print lampshade, for example, can bring a fun and unexpected element to your home decor. It can create a beautiful accent, which is timeless and glamorous.

    Our animal print lamp shades feature colourful and contemporary patterns, printed on luxurious velvets or on vibrant cottons.

    Available with metallic linings( gold, copper, silver), or with patterned lining, our animal print light shades are perfect for bringing a feeling of novelty to your interiors.


    Luxury Lampshades

    For the ultimate home décor luxury experience, match your favourite luxury cushions with lampshades from our Luxury Collection.