Statement Lampshades


    Does your room need that perfect final touch to unify its décor? Are you looking for a fresh, show stopping accent to elevate your interiors? Or are you perhaps completely re-decorating your home and you are deciding on the overall final aesthetic?

    Look no further! We have plenty of colourful and patterned lampshades, which can you can add to your interiors as a beautiful statement lampshade and unique lighting accessory.

    All lampshades are handmade to order by our UK based team, hand crafted to the highest standards and according to British safety guidelines. You can feel confident you are purchasing an upscale lampshade.

    Due to the fact we hand make the statement lamp shades ourselves, we can always make customisations according to your specific needs: fabrics and linings can be combined as you like, sizes and shapes can be changed too.

    Enjoy your discovery journey towards the perfect statement light shade and feel free to contact us for any assistance.


    Floral Velvet Cushions

    Our luxury velvet cushions perfectly match the velvet floral lampshades from our Luxury Collection. Take your home décor experience to the next level.

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    Cotton Floral Cushions

    The cotton floral cushions are the perfect match for our range of floral lampshades from the Home Collection. Feel inspired by the magic of matching patterns.

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    Bespoke Lampshades & custom cushions

    Discover a unique way to bring your home decor vision to life! With our specialised design assistance, you can create something truly special - click the below button now to begin your own rewarding design journey.