Velvet Lampshades


    Surround yourself with the softness and luxury of our velvet lampshades.

    Beautiful to admire and amazing to the touch, these velvet lamp shades will bring your décor experience to the next level by adding a statement lighting accessory you can be proud to show off in your interiors.

    There is plenty of choice when choosing one of our velvet lampshades: contemporary and colourful patterns, rich and trendy solid colours.

    All velvet lampshades with an outer solid colour are part of our Home Collection, these are available in width sizes ranging from 20cm (8") up to 40cm (16"). Bigger sizes are available on request. The solid outer colour is matched to beautiful lining patterns, which are also available as matching cotton cushions.

    The patterned velvet lampshades are part of our Luxury Collection: all luxury lampshades are handmade with richly soft velvets printed to order, providing a lampshade manufacturing service that is unique for you. 

    Our luxury lamp shades are available in standard sizes, which can also be customised to suit your specific needs. The standard light shade width sizes range from 30cm (12") up to 60cm (24"). Bigger sizes are available on request. To elevate even more the luxury experience, we offer matching velvet cushion with an elegant piped edge.

    In addition to a wide choice of patterns and sizes, we offer various lampshade shapes such as: drum lamp shades, oval lamp shades, tapered lampshades.

    Enjoy the discovery of your perfect velvet lampshade and feel free to contact us for any customisation.


    Floral Velvet Cushions

    Our luxury velvet cushions perfectly match the velvet floral lampshades from our Luxury Collection. Take your home décor experience to the next level.

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    Cotton Floral Cushions

    The cotton floral cushions are the perfect match for our range of floral lampshades from the Home Collection. Feel inspired by the magic of matching patterns.

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    Bespoke Lampshades & custom cushions

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