Floral Lampshades


    Add a beautiful accent to your décor with these exquisite floral lampshades!

    Hand crafted by us in our UK based Birmingham studio, our flower lampshades are designed to be the icing on the cake of your home décor project. Stylish, colourful and contemporary, our botanical lampshades offer patterns in tune with the current trends, as well as unique quirky alternatives.  

    You will find floral lamp shades with bright colours that will help you create that wow factor when entering the room. We also have more subtle options, if you are planning a more cohesive look.

    Our floral handmade lampshades are available in sizes ranging from 20cm (8") up to 60cm 24"). These can be customised if you need a bespoke lampshade, both in terms of width and height. Feel free to contact us today to request your custom lampshade.

    In addition to lampshades, we also offer matching cushions for all our floral lampshades. Picture yourself in the living room with your beautiful ceiling pendant lampshade. Then let the eyes shift to the sofa, where you will find luxury cushions in the same floral pattern, waiting for you to relax in great style. 

    If this is a dream wanting to become true, shop below our beautiful floral lampshades and statement cushions.


    Floral Velvet Cushions

    Our luxury velvet cushions perfectly match the velvet floral lampshades from our Luxury Collection. Take your home décor experience to the next level.

    Shop Floral Velvet Cushions

    Cotton Floral Cushions

    The cotton floral cushions are the perfect match for our range of floral lampshades from the Home Collection. Feel inspired by the magic of matching patterns.

    Shop Cotton Cushions

    Bespoke Lampshades & custom cushions

    Discover a unique way to bring your home decor vision to life! With our specialised design assistance, you can create something truly special - click the below button now to begin your own rewarding design journey.