Lampshades with Metallic Lining


    Gold Lampshades - Copper Lamp Shades - Silver Light Shades

    Let your interiors shine by including our lampshades with metallic lining.

    Meticulously handmade to order, our metallic lamp shades offer a range of lining options and fabric options to suit any decor.

    Gold Lampshades

    Gold has always been associated with luxury, so choosing a lampshade with gold lining will certainly provide a feeling of elegance and sophistication. Gold also infuses the surrounding space with a warm light, providing a general sense of comfort.

    To shop our range of metallic gold lampshades, please click here.

    Copper Lampshades

    Copper is often consider a sister of gold, but has built its own place in the interior design industry as a luxury accent with warm and welcoming hues. Capable of making a beautiful decor statement, our copper lampshades are available to order here.

    Silver Lampshades

    Silver is a versatile and sophisticated hue offering an air of luxury to your home decor. Whether you're striving for a modern or traditional effect, our silver lamp shades can bring a touch of glamour and opulence to your space. To order your silver lampshade click here.


    Luxury Lampshades

    For the ultimate home décor luxury experience, match your favourite luxury cushions with lampshades from our Luxury Collection.