Lampshades & Cushions


    Our handmade to order lampshades and cushions will make a statement in your home décor. With the highest quality always in mind, each piece is handmade to order in the UK with thoughtful attention to detail: from the perfectly hand rolled edges of our lampshades, to the crisp piped edges of our cushions, from the neat seams of our statement lampshades, to the perfectly crafted hidden zip openings of our patterned cushions.

    Not only we take extra care into providing an upscale handmade lampshade or cushion, the same attention is devoted to the stylish designs and luxurious fabrics.

    Our patterned fabrics are not cut from the roll, they are designs that we print to order on either velvet or cotton. 

    This provides us with a great freedom in creating custom lampshades and cushions: we can for example change the scale of the design to better suit a custom size item, we can change the background colour of most of our designs if you have specific needs related to your colour scheme. Having full control of the design means that we can consistently provide the same type of item with always the same pattern placement.

    In addition to that, we can also customise the size of your lampshades and cushions, or change the fabric combinations.

    If you are unsure about what style would better suit your home décor, please feel free to get in touch for our design discovery services, we'll be happy to help.

    In the meantime, please enjoy our extensive offer of handmade lampshades and cushions with matching designs. Shop now and add the elegance of colour to your interiors.

    Luxury Collection Velvet Lampshades

    A selection of upscale lampshades handmade to order specially for you. Available in velvet with metallic lining or in cotton with fabric lining.

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    Luxury Collection Velvet Cushions

    Our luxury velvet cushions perfectly match the velvet lampshades from our Luxury Collection. Take your home décor experience to the next level.

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    Home Collection lampshades

    Create the perfect atmosphere with our home collection lampshades, make your home feel and look special

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    Home Collection Cushions

    Match your favourite cushions and lampshades, treat your home with a colourful pattern display.

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    Bespoke Lampshades & custom cushions

    Discover a unique way to bring your home decor vision to life! With our specialised design assistance, you can create something truly special - click the below button now to begin your own rewarding design journey.