Home Collection Lampshades


    Create the perfect atmosphere with the home collection lampshades, all handmade to order in the UK.

    You will be spoilt for choice: richly coloured plain velvets and vibrant patterned fabrics, patterned linings or metallic linings. You can also choose between a drum lamp shade shape or an oval lamp shade shape. 

    Whatever your colour or pattern preference is, all our decorative lampshades from the Home Collection are perfect for table lamps, for floor lamps, or as ceiling pendants.

    The lampshades are available in standard widths, ranging from 20cm (8") up to 40xcm (16"). Other sizes are available upon request

    If you are looking for a custom lampshade and you need a specific size or a fabric combination of your choice, please contact us for assistance. We'll be here to help you make your dream lampshade come true.

    Floral Velvet Cushions

    Our luxury velvet cushions perfectly match the velvet floral lampshades from our Luxury Collection. Take your home décor experience to the next level.

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    Cotton Floral Cushions

    The cotton floral cushions are the perfect match for our range of floral lampshades from the Home Collection. Feel inspired by the magic of matching patterns.

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    Bespoke Lampshades & custom cushions

    Discover a unique way to bring your home decor vision to life! With our specialised design assistance, you can create something truly special - click the below button now to begin your own rewarding design journey.