Copy of Request Your Bespoke Lampshades

The beauty of shopping for a handmade light shade is that you can change it and make it yours! How? Take a look at the below list

You can mix and match fabrics 

Have you seen a particular lining, but you’d like it with a different outer fabric? No problem!

Is there a lining fabric that you’d like to have on the exterior of your lampshade? No problem!

Whichever is your preference, there is no limitation on the way you can combine fabrics. We can make your bespoke fabric with your choice of outer fabric and your choice of lining

You can choose the material for patterned fabrics

All our patterned lampshades can be either made in cotton or velvet. If there is a pattern that you’d like to have on velvet instead of cotton, we can customise that for you. This works the other way around too, if there is a patterned cotton lampshade that you’d like to have in velvet instead, we can certainly accommodate this request.

You can change the size of your drum lamp shade

We understand that for your drum lamp shade you might prefer a different size. Drum lampshades have a round shape, where top and bottom have the same diameter.

For every drum light shade we offer a set of standard sizes which you can select on each listing. However, we understand that you might need a slightly different size. We are therefore pleased to say we can offer upon request the following lamp shade widths:

20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm, 50cm, 55cm, 60cm, 65cm, 70cm.

 It is also possible to change the lampshade height according to your needs

You can have our lampshades in different shapes

A great way to have a unique lighting accessory is to change the shape of the lampshade. We can hand make for you lampshades in the following shapes: 

Drum, Oval, Square, Rectangular, French Drum, Empire.

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