Pink Lampshades


    Adding a pink lampshade to your home décor can certainly uplift your space.

    There are many different hues of pink, each can provide a different effect. Our baby pink lamp shades offer a subtle and elegant colour that can blend and be easily matched with with other home accessories. On the other hand, our hot pink light shades inject energy and vibrancy to create a statement.

    You will also find pink patterned lampshades, where pink is mixed with other colours to create visual movement and a unique lamp shade.

    Of course, design has to be functional too. For this reason we provide four different lampshade fittings: lampshades for table lamps, lampshades for floor lamps, USA harp lamp shades and ceiling pendant lamp shades.

    Each of these light shade fittings are available in standard sizes, but can also be customised if you need a different size.

    Buy now a pink lampshade to add a beautiful lighting accessory to your home.


    Luxury Lampshades

    For the ultimate home décor luxury experience, match your favourite luxury cushions with lampshades from our Luxury Collection.